Cinnamon Snowflakes 2 oz Sugar and Jojoba Scrub Creme Fraiche

Friday, November 27, 2009

Cinnamon Snowflakes 2 oz Sugar and Jojoba Scrub Creme Fraiche

(Photo is for illustrative purposes and depicts many of my available scents -- listing is for a single jar of the scent specified)


Jojoba and sugar combine in this stunning creation -- the pink stripes are loaded with jojoba and sugar, and scented with an amazing cinnamon sugar fragrance (smells a lot like a certain "toasty" cereal!). The white stripes are also loaded up with sugar, but are left unscented so that the cinnamon won't overpower you in the shower.


Creme Fraiche is a thick and fluffy whipped soap. We blend it with sweet almond oil, chosen for its emollient, skin-softening properties. Chock full of essential fatty acids and lightweight, never greasy.

The frosting-like foaming bath soap has been combined with white sugar and red jojoba beads for gentle exfoliation.

Use a dab on a bath pouf for an explosion of bubbles, or use as a gentle facial soap for normal-to-oily skin.

Contains no SLS/SLES, propylene glycol (a petroleum product) nor parabens. Vegan.


2 ounces/57 grams
Jar is approximately 2"/5 cm in diameter and 2"/5 cm tall



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