Arrogant Bastard Oaked Recycled Glass Bottles turn into Drinking Glasses

Sunday, November 29, 2009

These are 12 once Arrogant Bastard Oaked beer bottles that have been opened up into drinking glasses. The process starts by washing the bottle, then placing it into an annealing oven. The oven is set to one thousand one hundred degree, and let to sit for 30 minutes. A rod is then dipped into a melted pot of spectrum 96 glass and formed into a punti. The punti is then touched to the bottom of the bottle and transferred to a glory hole furnace. The bottle is heated until the glass begins to move. A special tool call jacks are then used to open the narrow bottleneck into a cylinder. Once the bottle is in its final shape it is then placed back into an annealing oven to cool of the course of 30 hours, to assure no stress fractures form in the cup.

The glasses are safe to drink from and are dishwasher safe. I can turn any bottle with a painted label into a drinking glass.

The size and shape very slightly from glass to glass because of the glassblowing process. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

This listing is for one six pack.

Shipping is $12.50 for the one six pack



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