Xmittens- EXTRA LONG Charcoal Gray Fleece Fingerless gloves

Monday, October 5, 2009


Xmittens! are practical, yet fashionable fleece fingerless gloves. Each has it's own unique stitched design and machine embroidery around the thumbhole for increased durability. To be honest, I started making these cuz it is so darn COLD in my studio and I need to be able to use my fingers, but stay warm while I make stuff. These totally fixed that problem.

Use them for keeping your hands, arms and wrists warm while:

taking photographs
holding hands in brisk weather
hanging with friends being cool, well, warm
wearing short sleeves
over long sleeves
over gloves
on your motorcycle!

This is a great length for men, or ladies who want to wear 3/4 length shirts in winter, and fashionista kids and grandmas with arthritis and, well, you get my drift.

As a part of Xmittens dedication to not throwing away anything that can be reused, each Xmittens order will come gift wrapped in an upcycled and reusable arm cuff or skinny scarf!



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