Apple Cider and Oatmeal Bar

Monday, October 19, 2009

All of our bath & beauty bars are created with high quality ingredients. Each one is hand crafted with care and only the best of the batch are sold. The fragrances will blow you away and the way they leave you feeling will amaze you. Some bars contain ingredients to exfoliate, some are made to soothe and moisturize your skin, some to refresh and revive, others have ingredients with known anti-oxidant properties and some with multiple purposes. Whichever ones you choose - I am confident that you will be really happy with your selection. There is just something wonderful about washing with something handmade that smells heavenly and feels fabulous on your skin.


Apple Cider and Oatmeal Bar

If you have any doubts that fall is in the air... this bar will leave you with no question! It smells so wonderful like apple cider. The oatmeal is both a mild exfoliant and beneficial to the skin, as oatmeal is known to sooth and nourish skin. This is the perfect gift for someone special any time of year, but especially when the crispness of autumn is in the air!

Each bar is at least 4 big ounces!

If you would like to a larger quantity than what this listing says, just send me a message, I will create a custom order just for you!



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