Light Blue Abacus Necklace

Monday, September 28, 2009

Are you always thinking about how much money you're making or how much money you could make? Are you always grabbing someone else's calculator when you need to compute something?

Let's put a stop to all that by having your own fashionable and colorful calculator anywhere you go!

Have an abacus hanging from your neck! :-)

This adorable light blue abacus pendant was originally part of a vintage key chain. I've converted it into a pendant, well, because it just looks better as a pendant.

Hanging from 30 inch-long (76.2 cm) bronze finished metal ball chains, the abacus pendants are made of metal and glass beads. The pendant measures 0.9 inches X 1.7 inches (2.2 cm X 4.2 cm).



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