Ceramic Owl TV Lamp

Friday, September 18, 2009

TV lamps were very popular in the 60's and 70's making a great family decor item for the living area. Add a splash of fun to your room with this fantastic vintage designed, "brand new" handmade by me, Owl night light. With its 6 ft cord with an on/off thumb switch on the middle of cord, This cute hoot produces just enough light to set the mood for a comfortable evening. Painted in a beautiful chartreuse green with white and orange plastic vintage eyes.
6 3/8" Tall and 4" wide.

This is a stock photo, the one you will receive will be almost lke it, and may slightly differ due to each one being handmade.

I poured it using a vintage mold and used assorted tools to cut and punch holes to create the night light. Then dried and cleaned, and fired it in the kiln to cone 04. I then glazed it with two colors, three times each, and fired again to make the glaze turn to glass.
The vintage plastic eyes are glued in permanently, and the light switch is a standard candelabra light and snapped in place on the bottom of the owl. The bottom ceramic piece can twist off to easily change the bulb. The bulb is an approved low watt night light bulb and comes with one bulb already screwed in place for safest secure shipping and will be ready to plug in once received.



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